Lawsuit Defense

If you are served with a collection lawsuit, our goal is to help you SURVIVE it in the best way possible.  We base our program on the book, LAWSUIT SURVIVAL 101, by Douglas A. Crowder, which outlines the four main alternatives when facing a lawsuit, which are:

  1. IGNORE THE LAWSUIT.  This can be a good option if you are JUDGMENT PROOF, meaning that even if the plaintiff gets a judgment against you, the plaintiff cannot collect anything – or if you agree you owe the money, and DON’T OBJECT if your bank account disappears one morning. 
  2. BANKRUPTCY.  Second, in most cases, you can STOP the lawsuit, by filing a bankruptcy.
  3. SETTLE THE LAWSUIT.  Third, you may be able to settle the lawsuit, either with a lump sum payment, or a monthly payment arrangement.
  4. FIGHT THE LAWSUIT.  You can DEFEND the lawsuit, by filing an ANSWER, or possibly some type of MOTION, forcing the plaintiff to take you to trial so you will have your day in court.

We will explore each of these options with you, letting you know the costs and benefits of each, and help you implement whichever is right for you.

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